My Husband started making gear early in the 2000s while he was deployed in Afghanistan. There he received the nickname “Gypsi” from his Team Leader while conducting combat operations carrying the M249, along with everything needed to outfit the “whole entire Army” with everything including the infamous MRE spoon. He had so much gear strapped to him, his unit always said he looked like a Gypsi Camp in the desert, wandering around like a monkey with a football.

The name stuck throughout his time in the Army, “Gypsi” began sewing on his Brother sewing machine - and Brother got the job done. He started making chest harnesses and sewing on rank while deployed in Iraq after returning from Afghanistan. While deployed, one of his Solider’s suffered an equipment malfunction, and “Gypsi” patched the crotch region with ballistic material making it bulletproof! Gypsi Gear® was a term coined by his Infantry Company when they needed gear fixed, created or improved with his sewing skills.

OUR 5 W's

Who: We are a Veteran owned and operated tactical sew shop. 

What: “Gypsi” - can make anything custom sewn. 

When: Oftentimes “Gypsi” can’t sleep - working tirelessly to keep gear in stock. Custom and large orders can be expected to be completed within 1-7 business days. Please be patient as “Gypsi” does all the sewing himself.

Where: Located in Lake County, IL - no Brick & Mortar… yet. 

Why: "Gypsi" makes affordable and reliable gear for the people and by the people, red, white, blue, ‘Merica–because the average joe who can’t afford the $800 total loadout with a PT belt, shouldn’t be forced to seek out low quality equipment made by the lowest bidder. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We know what it feels like to have something rip and shred on us. We have a Guarantee, if it breaks on our behalf, we fix it for FREE.  IF you, the customer, rips it/breaks it, we will still fix it but at a price. Lastly, we do this for your pets too! We have 7 Fur Babies - 5 cats/2 dogs.

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