Gypsi Gear Veteran Memorial

March 10, 2022

When a loved one has the courage to serve our great nation at the highest level by enlisting in our armed services, it makes us extremely proud. Sometimes the ultimate sacrifice is made, creating a hole in our hearts as they never return to us. During many deployments, we have lost countless brothers and sisters, and continue carrying their memory to remind us of who they were. We have always wanted to create a memorial for those we have lost and with some help, have made it our mission to make sure your loved ones are remembered by every American we meet at our event shows. We are proud to introduce our Veteran Memorial, generously created and donated by Patriotic Frog. For its inauguration, we have stamped the names of all of our fallen brothers and sisters from our deployments, onto dog tags and have hung them on our memorial. a survivor, you never forget anyone who has fallen next to you in combat; and I think it's our responsibility to honor them... -Bobby Curtis, former LCPL, USMC

Awhile back, we spotted an awesome grenade shaped table--leading us to track down Patriotic Frog and its owner Bobby Curtis, a Purple Heart recipient and former Lance Corporal of the USMC. We learned Bobby also teaches workshops to build the table, so we signed up! Its always great meeting other veterans running craftsmanship businesses, and we can't help talking about our experiences. We shared with Bobby our vision to carry a memorial with us to shows and have others contribute fallen loved ones to remember. To say Bobby was interested is an understatement, and his words better describe, "The memorial vision really hit home with me. As a survivor, you never forget anyone who has fallen next to you in combat; and I think it's our responsibility to honor them by carrying their memory with us."

...we would be honored to be a part of [memorializing your loved ones] -Gypsi Gear

If you would like to memorialize your fallen veteran loved ones, we would be honored to be a part of it. If and when you are ready, we make a dog tag with their name and say a small message when adding your tag to our memorial. Currently there is no cost associated with memorializing your loved ones, however, we do accept donations which goes directly in helping wounded veterans and families of fallen veterans. While we are working for a reliable method to make this memorial available online, it's currently only available in person at the shows we appear at, show information available on our events page.

Published on:
March 9, 2022