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Printed from a 1960s Addressograph 355 embossing machine. The stainless steel tags come as a set (2 tags) engraved USGI dog tags with holes for hanging. The tags accommodate up to 5 lines with 15 characters per line including spaces. The tags come with 2 beaded chains (1 short and 1 long) and 2 rubber black silencers that fit around the tags to prevent noise. Characters are the letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and the characters / - If you would like the standard US Military format, it is Line one- LAST NAME LIne two- FIRST NAME, MIDDLE INITIAL Line three- SERIAL NUMBER Line four- BLOOD TYPE Line five- RELIGION (WE WILL NOT PRINT SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER).
Dog tag text lines taken during checkout. NOTE: 15 Characters per line, up to 5 lines. Please make sure the text is displayed the exact way you want it to appear.

20% of all sales for our tags go to our partners at SAVE-A-PET to help our fellow furry friends.

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